Raley’s New Rewards Program Gives Something Extra When You Shop

Raley’s as you well know if my favorite places to shop for groceries for my family. That’s why I’m excited about their new Raley’s Rewards Program!

Yes, I’m on the Mom’s Panel and yes my recipe has been featured in their Something Extra Magazine but they do not sponsor me or my opinion of  the store and the special deals they offer shoppers.

I shop at Raley’s because it not only provides me with good quality and  a great selection of foods, it also provides great savings on groceries. Their customer service is wonderful. And now, they’ve stepped up to the plate with a Rewards Program. You can earn points every time you shop at Raley’s and turn those points into vouchers you can use for free groceries and more!

Raley’s New Rewards Program

Here’s what Raley’s Something Extra Rewards is all about:

  • Checkout: Simply swipe your Something Extra card (or input your phone number) each time you shop and you’ll be sent special savings and rewards. The more you shop the more you’ll be rewarded with the things you like and buy the most.
  • Earn Rewards: Each time you shop you will earn points.  (You earn extra points on certain items so be sure to look at the tag next to the item you’re purchasing. See Extra Points below). Every 3 months (quarterly) points will be converted to vouchers for free groceries and more.
  • Personalized Offers Just For You: Before you shop, be sure to go online and log into your Something Extra account and add special coupons for things you buy the most.
  • Extra Points: Each week certain products will be worth extra points (marked by special shelf tags). Bonus points from time to time as a thank you.
  • Inspired Ideas: You’ll still receive those great recipes, tips, and more!
  • Extra Surprises: Free coffee drinks, ice cream pints,etc.
  • Fuel Rewards: Earn as much as $0.50 off a gallon when you purchase $150 in groceries at participating stores. Check with your store to see if they offer this savings or if it will be offered soon in your area.

Since the program started, I’ve earned 886 points!

***Just a note that you don’t have to be part of the Something Extra Rewards program to take advantage of the regular sale prices and Raley’s Dailies low prices. You just earn something a little extra like special prices on different items other than the sale items and of course vouchers for Free groceries and more!

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  4. I never received any coupons .

  5. Raley’s sends coupons through your Extra Rewards email. You can now add the savings from those coupons to your card online. You no longer have to print the coupons. 🙂

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