Prepare For Back To School Freezer Cooking

I have been working all week and doing some Back To School Freezer Cooking. Preparing all of our meals from the pantry, cleaning out my freezer and making sure nothing goes to waste. We’ve been doing really well on the daily pantry challenge all week long. We’ll be continuing this challenge through the end of next week.

At that point, I’ll be moving into some major freezer cooking as we prepare for back to school in the middle of this month.

Freezer Cooking For Busy Moms

Moms, we’ll also plan on some healthy lunches as well as some freezer lunches to take to work as I know sometimes we can get caught up in the chaos of school mornings and forget to grab something before we head out the door. I have been jotting down meal plans and freezer cooking ideas, and just itching to go grocery shopping! But, I will wait until next week. 🙂

Today, I’m actually throwing some chicken in the crock pot as we speak. I’ll divide it up and have it in the freezer for upcoming recipes. 

Freezer Cooking Plan

I am also hoping to finish making my Homemade Cheese-Its and Wheat Thins. I’m testing out these two recipes for the kids school snacks. It’s also cheaper to make your own with just a few ingredients from the pantry and fridge. I am also hoping to make a large batch of oatmeal raisin cookies and freeze half. And when I make granola bars this weekend, I will double it and freeze half of those, too.


I have lots of  honey, in the pantry, so I will most like start out with cinnamon raisin granola bars. I’ll add some peanut butter chips and chocolate chips to the grocery list for making other types of bars next week. 

Freezer Cooking List

Here’s my list so far:

I’ll be adding to the list as I come up with ideas based upon what’s on sale at the grocery store. 
Are any of you preparing a  back to school freezer cooking list in preparation for back to school?  What kinds of things to you make-ahead and freeze? Please share! I love new ideas!!

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  2. I am beyond impressed with all the planning & freezing you do! We have a lot in my freezer but I still have to defrost everything before I can do anything with it…obviously I’ve not properly learned the correct way to stock my freezer!

  3. Hi Christina,

    If your schedule is busy as I’m sure it is, try picking one day to do your cooking and double the recipe. Freeze one portion of the meal for later and wrap and store the other portion in your fridge for the next night. You could actually do this on any night of the week and double the recipe for another night’s meal. You don’t have to have the same meal, add a different ingredient to create a whole other dish. Thanks for the feedback and I hope my suggestions help. 🙂

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