Noel’s Best Kitchen Tips: Roll Out The Parchment Paper!

Parchment paper — also called baking paper or baking parchment — is a heavy-duty paper sold on rolls in boxes, like aluminum foil and plastic wrap. It is moisture-resistant and grease-resistant, and has several uses in the kitchen.

I prefer the Reynolds Genuine Parchment Paper brand sold at Raley’s; however, you can use any brand, including generic, to make your life a little easier in the kitchen.  Nothing sticks to it, which eliminates your need to use non-stick bake ware and of course the best part, it means little-to-no clean-up!  You can use one single sheet for a full batch of cookies, so you’re getting good use out of one sheet.

I also love to use it to make disposable pastry bags and to bake foods “en papillote”, a cooking method in which foods and seasonings like fish or vegetables are cooked together inside an envelope made with the parchment. On occasion, when I run out of baking cups, I have been known to cut the parchment paper into small squares and place in my muffin tins when baking muffins, cornbread, and cupcakes as it’s much cheaper than those foil liners.

I found that by using cooking sprays on your bakeware or griddles, they start to develop this yellowish-brown film. Even after scrubbing and soaking, that awful color doesn’t go away. So I started using parchment paper to save my pans and griddle. Stop buying foil and using Pam all the time to ensure everything you cook and bake comes out perfectly every time… Roll Out The Parchment Paper!

Never use parchment paper under the broiler in your oven as it will burn!

For more of my best kitchen tips, visit Noel’s Best Kitchen Tips page.

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