I’m Couponing To Disney!

Can the average person afford a trip to Disney? Join my family as we embark on prepping for a most memorable, magical family vacation. Our journey as we plan, prep, scrimp, save, and couponing  to Disney! 

Planning a trip to Disneyland

For a family planning a trip to Disneyland, even the thought of how much it costs in ticket prices alone can seem like a nightmare. The thought of the idea of a big Disneyland vacation was unthinkable to us until just a few months ago. Now that the two younger kids are older, we decided on planning a surprise New Year’s trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios.

We have a fabulous travel agent we trust and she was able to get us a great rate on a hotel package and tickets. (I had originally set up the hotel reservations myself using our AAA discount but found the travel agent could get us more for less on tickets and a hotel package so we went with the travel agent.)

Keep in mind, we are not a rich family who can afford the luxury of a family vacation. We haven’t had the opportunity to take our kids on a big family vacation like this, so this trip is important to us.Every penny matters when it comes to saving.

Couponing to Disney

Now that we have our trip set up, deposit down, we need to factor in all that extra cost of food, gas, souvenirs and maybe a little extra spending money. (We are saving on the cost of food because we chose a hotel that has a kitchen, so we can bring our own food and snacks and make our meals at the hotel.)

Researching online, I found a few helpful sites that can give families ideas on saving for a trip to Disneyland but this one called Couponing To Disney is simply fabulous! Kristin shares her tips on how families can learn how to put money aside and potentially cut your spending in half over time.

The tips on the site are designed to help you grow a fund that you can put to a family vacation or whatever else you are thinking of…for us Disneyland. You can also watch video tutorials, find printable coupons, research Disney vacations, and much more.  It doesn’t matter what you want to save for, she shows you it can be achieved!

Being extremely goal-oriented I’m hoping this planning of our trip motivates me to get back and stay on top of my couponing (I did give up on the manufacture coupons but still use grocery store coupons) and us to be more responsible with our family budget.  (We’ve been slacking lately.)  There are lots of ideas Kristin shares that we haven’t tried and we plan to explore some of these ideas in the coming months before our trip. We have six months to get all our ducks in a row before we leave. And we’re determined to make this a wonderful experience for our  kids.

Planning for our trip

Staybridges Suites

Organizing and planning are key to successful planning of our family trip. Over the next six months, I will be clipping and filing, reading Kristin’s tips. Each month I will be putting together my shopping list and map out ideas for our trip.  

I’m hoping to stock my fridge, freezer and pantry with lots of staples for my family and get our budget on track. We will apply this technique of saving to a new future family vacation fund growing.

So, join my family as we embark on prepping for a most memorable, magical family vacation ever.  I plan to blog my journey as I plan, prep, scrimp, save, craft and coupon our way to Disney!  A dream is a wish your heart makes and our dream will be reality soon enough!


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  1. I love Disneyland!!! You just can’t miss “Soaring over California” on the California Adventure side – a “ride” I didn’t want to end – it’s spectacular. We have always packed lunches and snacks (and WATER!) for our day. We would also walk out the gate and have dinner at an nearby restaurant. (WAY cheaper than DL food.) The BEST thing is to rent a (or bring a small) stroller. We kept all of our lunches in small soft-sided coolers in the stroller and there is always stroller parking at the rides. We’ve never had anything taken.

    SO excited for you!!!

  2. Thanks Kathi! I haven’t personally been to Disneyland in a long time. Since the kids are older and able to carry backpacks, we thought about the idea of all of us carrying individual lightweight backpacks/fanny packs for snacks at the park. The stroller idea sounds good too.

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