Daily Family Kitchen Inspiration: Soften Butter Quickly Without Melting It


A few different methods for speeding up the process of getting soft butter right from the fridge (without melting it):

Grate the butter into a bowl–comes down to room temperature faster; Microwave for a few seconds at a time–watch closely because you don’t want to zap it too long; Cut butter into squares and put them into a bowl, insert bowl in a pan of warm–not hot–water.

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  1. Shirley Hughey

    As far as softening butter in the microwave, I tend to use 30% power or the thaw mode.

  2. Hi Shirley,

    The problem with microwaving butter is that the microwave can heat the butter unevenly, and tends to over-soften or even melt the butter in places. You want pliable butter for beating, not almost melting butter. For mixing and creaming, butter should be about 65 degrees: cold to the touch but warm enough to spread. Just three degrees warmer, at 68 degrees, it begins to melt.

    Butter is like the concrete you use to pour the foundation of a building,” she said. So it’s very important to get it right: the temperature, the texture, the aeration.

  3. Shirley Hughey

    Hi Noel,

    I actually rarely use the microwave to soften butter. I usually have some in a butter crock that I keep on the counter. I fill it with cold water and the butter stays perfectly spreadable. I change the water every couple of days or so especially in the warmer months. The kids like it because it means no more torn up toast in the morning!

  4. Hi Shirley, Interesting tip. I’ll have to try it with the water. Thanks for sharing!

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