Raley’s Mom’s Panel Coffee Tasting and Tour

This year, I’m making room on my schedule to allow myself as the kids would say some “grown up field trips.” My goal is to be able to share helpful tips and insights on the latest ideas for the kitchen, family, home and outdoors.  The first one, happens to be next week. I’ll be traveling to Raley’s grocery store in Lincoln, California, just about an hours drive from here to join my fellow mom’s on the  Raley’s Mom’s Panel for an exclusive coffee tasting tour event. From there, we’ll drive to the family owned Roasting Facility where Raley’s coffee is made.  As a “Raley’s Mom” on the panel, we’ll receive a behind-the-scenes tour of Raley’s roasting facility in Lincoln, California and participate in an official “cupping” (a fancy term for coffee tasting), and help Raley’s choose new seasonal coffee flavors.

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EXCITING, I know. I love Raley’s brand coffee. And I’m not just saying this because I’m on the Raley’s Mom’s Panel. I enjoy coffee and after taste testing other brands, I found Raley’s has offered great flavorful, aroma coffee for the best quality and price. I buy the dark French Roast beans because I enjoy a heavier roasted bean flavor. Their French Roast yields deep chocolate brown beans which then produces a stronger coffee.  For those of us who need caffeine to jump start their day, this flavor’s for you.  They also offer a 2-oz. size if you want to taste test their coffee. I like this option because it makes for a great gift or gift basket idea. I used a variety of flavors in this size a few months ago to include in our daughter’s classroom gift basket for auction.

Raley’s is also very passionate about giving back to the communities that grow their coffee beans. By purchasing Raley’s brand coffee, you’re also helping to provide schools, medical clinics and modern housing, break the cycle of poverty, preserve generation-old farms and protect treasures of nature in 10 countries.

Should be really fun!  I’m hoping they allow me to bring my camera and take pictures to share with you all. Any suggestions on what flavors you’d like to see in Raley’s Stores?

Want to join the Raley’s Mom’s Panel? Find out more information by visiting Raley’s online.


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