Homecooked Meals For The Freezer: Ziploc® Perfect Portions™ Bags

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In just three quick steps, bulk food items, such as raw chicken, can be individually wrapped and frozen so that they are ready for a later date. 

Ziploc containers and freezer bags are used quite often when I prepare Homecooked Meals For The Freezer. I use the containers for storing leftovers or beans for the freezer, snack bags for lunch items such as grapes or crackers, homemade oatmeal packets for breakfast, and even use the gallon bags to marinate meats in the fridge before they are cooked.  I’ve recently added Ziploc’s new Perfect Portions Bags to my pantry drawer.

When it comes to splitting up portions for meal planning, the Ziploc Perfect Portions allow you to pick up raw meat like chicken or stew meat without having to directly hold it. You simply put your hand in the Perfect Portions bag, pick up the meat and then turn it inside out to place in a larger freezer bag, never having to directly touch the raw meat.

When I’m making meals ahead, like my seasoned ground beef for taco night,  I simply brown the meat, season it with taco seasoning and cook it.  I make a large sized batch (usually 5 to 10 lbs.), let it cool, then divide into portions my family would normally eat, allowing for leftovers depending on the meal. I like to have extra servings on the side that don’t go into a meal in case I decide to make something different with the meat. I can add the taco meat t0 the Ziploc Perfect Portions Bags and freeze. When I’m ready to use, all  I have to do is thaw out a bag in the refrigerator the night or morning before. Easy Peasey.

Watch Rachael Ray’s Perfect Portions™ and discover why she claims, “it’s a new fave!”

{photos source: Ziploc®}

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