Noel’s 10 Favorite Snacks For Busy Moms

Sometimes with our busy schedules during the day at work, at home taking care of the kids or just busy running around doing errands, we tend to forget about taking a moment to rejuvenate ourselves. I always try to jump start my day with a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with fruit, a salad or soup for lunch usually around noon, but sometimes I find myself in need of a snack to tide me over until dinner. So, I thought I would share with you some of my 10 favorite snacks that are healthy and can be packed to go anywhere with a busy mom.

  • Cereal- I will pack a small container filled with cereal like Multi-Grain Cherrios or Granola with a small handful of nuts. Provides lots of protein.
  • Soynuts without salt-I was introduced to these years ago by a good friend of mine and they are absolutely a tasty and nutritious snack! They are also very good on salads.
  • Yogurt Parfaits- they’re not just for dessert. Add in some granola (and the protein that comes with it, as well), and you’ve got a protein-rich snack, not to mention one with a calcium kick.
  • Sugar Snap Peas-The sugar snap pea contains a range of vitamins that can provide many different health benefits.  A cupful of sugar snap peas contain the same amount of vitamin C as half an orange. Love these!
  • String Cheese-A favorite snack not just for me but for the kids. I usually slice an apple or some whole grain crackers.
  • Fresh Fruit-Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Grapes, Pears or Blueberries. All very rich with the essential vitamins and antioxidants our body needs and deserves.
  • Granola Bars-Kashi makes a great snack bar and I make sure to keep a handful in the car. They are perfect for road trips.
  • Almonds-A small snack size bag of these and you’re definitely satisfied.
  • Veggies-Snack on vegetables like bell pepper strips and broccoli with a low-fat or fat-free ranch dip.
  • Lowfat Popcorn-I usually pop a bag in the morning before I head out to the office and split with the kids.

Snacking on nutritious food can keep your energy level high and your mind alert without taking up a lot of your time. I hope these snack ideas help you satisfy your afternoon munchies/cravings. I’d love to hear about your favorite healthy snacks that keep you going. Please share them on my public page Noel Chapman or in the comments section below.

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