With the ever so many changes and updates that the internet provides us, there are numerous ways to stay connected to your favorite blog sites. In March, as I’m sure most of you have read by now Google will be making some changes. If you haven’t had a chance to read about the changes, you can read more about them here.

I hope that with Google’s upcoming changes, I won’t lose contact with you. I want to make sure you know alternative options for staying connected with me.

You can subscribe to my RSS (feedburner) here and never miss a recipe, kitchen tip, menu or tips for moms balancing family as a working mom blog post again.

You can subscribe via email by typing in your email address in the subscribe option on the sidebar. You can also keep in contact with me in other ways, such as those below.

You can connect with me

On Twitter @NoelsKitchen, I love tweeting with my followers. If you mention me and I am online, trust that I am faithful and will respond. If I am not online, no worries I will get back to you.

On Facebook , my Family Meals Matter Cooking Club family has grown, and I welcome you will stop by and “like” my page. I do share  my blog posts, kitchen tips and of course talk about family mealtimes. And of course, you will be privy to some of my random thoughts  about family if you add me to your newsfeed.

A Busy Mom’s Kitchen Newsletter, It will give you the latest information on nutrition, meal planning, cooking tips, budget shopping, monthly promotions and much more. Don’t forget, it’s also a great way to discover new recipes every month! AND you’ll receive you’ll receive a free 15-page E-Book with Tips, hints and recipes for kids in the kitchen;“Cooking With Kids E-Book”!

On Google + This is also a page that is slowly coming along when I have the time, and I’ll be sharing posts there as well. I love giving my favorite blog sites the +1, and you will find some of my favorite reads from the week there too.

On Pinterest, well honestly it’s fun saving and sharing new ideas in one place, and it has things I like personally, ideas and some of my favorites from my blog. But if you find yourself in need of another person to follow to check out for inspiration, feel free to follow me there too.

There you have it.

Consider this if you are looking to connect with me in other ways, instead of typing in your blogsite in the webaddress, unclick the commentluv and then type in the address you would like me or others to check out.

FYI: If you leave links in the comment box, your message will be forwarded to my spam box temporarily until I approve it.

How are you staying connected with me? How do you stay connected with all your favorite bloggers? Feel free to share.

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