Stock The Pantry This Thanksgiving Week

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Hopefully, you’ve browsed your local grocery store ads this past week for the great deals to be found this week. I was a little late in browsing all the ads but I came out with some great grocery store finds. I had to run to the store for some items and while I was there decided to do a quick browse to see what Save Mart (used to be Albertson’s where we live) ad on sale for Thanksgiving.  Last year if you spent $99 at Save Mart customers received a Free turkey. This year, turkeys were on sale for just $.049 a pound if you spent $25 . Limit 2. How could I refuse?  That’s one for Thanksgiving dinner with plenty of leftovers and another one for the freezer to cook up any time. I also picked up some cans of cranberry sauce and pumpkin which were also great deals and added to my $25 purchase.

A few weeks ago, we spent a little over $300 at Kmart (trying to Christmas shop) a few weeks ago and received a bunch of those coupons that come out of the machine. Come to find out if you spent over $250 there, you receive the coupons. If you received 5 turkey coupons, customer service issues you a check for $11 from Butterball between 11/16-11/23 to put towards your turkey or Thanksgiving items. Yesterday, I popped into Raley’s and pick up $11 worth of Thanksgiving food items to stock the pantry. Experience tells me that if I wait to purchase these items after Thanksgiving, the shelves will not only be empty but I’ll be dealing with an unwanted crowd. We all know how it is to take a family shopping on Black Friday.

Browse your ads carefully

No matter where you are shopping, be sure to browse your ads carefully. There are always good deals to be found to stock the pantry. When the cashier hands you your receipt and checkstand coupons, be sure to look at those. Those coupons may come in handy. Next time I spend $10 at Raley’s, I get a roll of paper towels for free. Who doesn’t need paper towels. Black Friday is just around the corner, this week’s paper is sure to have some great deals. Review them and have an action plan in place before you jump into that craziness. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself full of the anxiety and overspending that can happen this time of year.

 What sales have you found? Any stock up sales you’re excited about?

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