Shortcuts To A Well Organized Kitchen

These simple tricks, help me get in and out of the kitchen fast. You can too by using these simple shortcuts to a well organized kitchen.

Get Organized In Your Kitchen

You’re busy…I’m busy. Who has the “real” time to spend all day in the kitchen? I love to cook for my family and love knowing they are getting a wholesome meal but I do like to have time for other things. I try and make it easy on myself by making my kitchen easy for me to use. I’ve re-created my kitchen counters, cupboards and pantry a few times until I found the best way for the kitchen to work for me. 

Keep It Simple!!

  • Pots and Pans: If you can, hang your skillets and saucepans on the wall or hanging hooks within easy reach. If you can’t hang the lids, put them in a drawer or stand them in a wire dish strainer in an under-the-counter cupboard.
  • Appliances: Leave often-used appliances like a blender, food processor, mixer or kitchen timer on the counter. Store those less frequently used appliances out of sight but always within easy reach.
  • Kitchen Utensils: I use a decorative jar near the stove  to hold my wooden spoons, and a kitchen tool turn about to hold my spatulas, whisks, ladel, tongs, and long-handled cooking spoons. Makes it much easier when you need those utensils quickly.
  • Shopping List: Always have a shopping list nearby in the kitchen so you can add those grocery items you need. After you use the last of an item, jot it down on the shopping list so you don’t forget you need it. The refrigerator is a great place to attach a magnetic shopping list.
  • Pot Holders: Hang them some place next to stove and the microwave. When you need them, you need them fast!
  • Pantry Items: Keep your pantry stocked with plenty of staples. I find it easier to group similar items together, rotating the older ones to the front so I can easily see what I have on hand.

Take Inventory!

Take a look at your cupboards and kitchen drawers. Are there pots and pans, utensils, and other appliances that never get used? Get rid of them! I know it’s hard to do believe me but you’ll be happy you did. Keep only items that will help you save time and energy in the kitchen. Save up for quality appliances like those listed below from The Pampered Chef. (I’m no longer a consultant, however if you are looking for one I can refer one to you.) Here are a few of my favorite kitchen helpers!

I use my kitchen scissors to snip fresh herbs, chop tomatoes in a can and trim the skin and fat from chicken or meat. They even cut the chicken bone perfectly!

Use your microwave oven to thaw frozen foods quickly and take shortcuts for easy jobs like softening or melting butter.

I absolutely love my garlic press! It’s a great handy tool for more than just garlic. You can even squeeze through a piece of onion through it when you only need a little grated onion.

Those are just a few of my shortcuts to keeping my kitchen organized. What kitchen shortcuts do you use and love?


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