Back To School Cooking Series:Cooking Lessons For Kids


I’m excited later this week to introduce another chapter to my Back To School Cooking Series.  I feel strongly that cooking and eating together is a great satisfaction that often disappears with the busy schedules of families. Working outside of the home has always been a necessity for most adults these days and enjoying the food we create together is a way of connecting with one another.

Time-Saving Techniques in the Kitchen

My hope for my blog has always been to share with other busy families many mealtime solutions, teaching how simple recipes and timesaving tools and tips make mealtime preparation fun. It adds up to spending more time with your loved ones around the dinner table.

Kids In The Kitchen

Why should children learn to cook? Cooking can bring so many wonderful experiences into their life!

I thought it might be fun to introduce a weekly Cooking Lessons For Kids post. My assumption is that you as an adult will be around for supervision and can use these cooking lessons as a guide to get in the kitchen with your kids and have some fun together. In each post, I’ll share new techniques for kids which are used again and again as they move on in further lessons. I’ve decided to keep the ingredients as simple as possible and to a minimum. We won’t be using any electrical equipment, because touching, smelling, and seeing the ingredients and the ways they change as they’re prepared and cooked teach far more than you might realize-and for young children, preparing food this way is safer. 

We’ll make foods from a simple vegetable soup, to salads, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, even scrumptious cupcakes and brownies. All the yummy foods kids love to eat. Keep it simple. Keep it fun!

 The Rewards of Cooking

There is a mystery in cooking; no matter how many times you make the same dish, it will never be exactly the same. Think how remarkable it is that you can take flour, butter, sugar, and an egg and turn these into scrumptious cookies; or that you can simply stir two eggs together and gently cook them into creamy scrambled eggs.

Teaching young children how to cook,  I think, is one of the greatest accomplishments; not just for your children but for you the parent as well. Children may often look awkward or clumsy stirring or chopping, but that’s okay. It’s a proud site to see as a parent the pleasure and pride they show in their accomplishments.

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  1. What a great idea. When our grandchild is staying over. We have him help us with making dinner. He also makes his own breakfasts already.

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