Keeping The Pantry Organized

 Since organizing the pantry, my kitchen for the most part has stayed clean. I’ve been able to manage dishes, cleaning, putting things away and waking up to a organized clean kitchen. I’ve basically given my pantry a “spring cleaning” which has made my kitchen much easier to work in. Every once in a while, it’s good to change things up a bit, so I’m trying a few new things.  

Keeping The Pantry Organized

My kitchen pantry cabinets are high and I have one log cabinet which now stores my kitchen broom, canned goods, extra stock on juices and I now organize the pantry in categories. I have a section for canned goods, pasta sauces, teas, condiments and sauces, a baking section, spices and a space for extra items. I’ll invest in something to display the spices a little better when I find the right organizer for them.

A few years ago, the hubby brought me home a small butcher block cart which allows me to store my most used cooking utensils, knives and stoneware. I went through my lower cabinets that store pots and pans, storage containers, mixing bowls and prep bowls and gave them a cleaning.

If you want your pantry and cabinets organized, it’s a great idea and go through and pull out everything you don’t use. Items that you don’t use often should be moved to a higher shelf. Items that you use frequently should be moved to the lower shelf for easy access.  If lids are missing on your storage containers, toss them. They are just taking up space. Invest in the snap locks lid storage containers. I find these to be very useful when storing foods and I can stack them neatly on the shelf with the lids snapped on so they never get lost.

My next task will be:
  • Going through dishes, cups and stemware and getting rid of the ones that don’t match. This will open up space to where it doesn’t look cluttered.
  • I also got a head start on cleaning the refrigerator getting ready for the upcoming grocery shopping trip.
Have any tips on keeping the pantry organized? Please feel free to share in the comment section below.


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