Moms Connect On Facebook

 Sharing your experience of motherhood and family life with others on Facebook seems to be the “in” thing to do these days. Some people use it to connect with friends, new and old, or family members, while others use it primarily for social networking to build their business.  Personally, I love going to my Facebook page and sharing my kitchen and cooking adventures, advice and encouragement with other busy moms and their families while learning some new ideas from the people in the group along the way.  Plus, on my personal Facebook page, I’ve re-connected with family, old friends, co-workers and met some great people here in our community.

Do you Connect with other Busy Moms or Mom Groups on Facebook?

And if you do, what are some of your favorite groups that you find advice or share advice from your active participation on facebook? If you don’t, what keeps you away from it all?

Not a Fan yet? Would you like to join our growing Family Cooking Club? Share recipes and tips with others? Join the Family Meals Matter Cooking Club on Facebook, we’d love to have you!

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