Meal Plans For Moms On The Go-January 2011

I’ll help you eat well AND save money with these free Meal Plans For Moms On The Go. Looking for some help in the meal planning department? You’ve come to the right place. This is where it all comes together, easily and economically. 

Have you made your meal plan for the week? the month?

I spent a majority of Saturday morning waiting for AT&T to work on our phone line so we would no longer have static on the line and our DSL would stop dropping us off the internet. Not fun, but they finally resolved the issue. Needless to say I was able to spend the rest of the day re-organizing my home office and putting together some recipes, edit and adjust the measurements and plan my menus for the freezer. Lots of decisions and rotating of past menu ideas along with some new ones to use throughout the rest of this month.

Have a question about meal planning, freezer cooking, which kitchen tools work best?

Don’t forget to submit your questions to a new feature I’ll be adding next month called Dinner’s Ready  for next month’s Meal Plans For Moms On The Go.

Would you like to submit a guest post for future Meal Plans For Moms On The Go where we talk about meal planning ideas, quick recipes and planning meals to stock your freezer. I’d love to feature your ideas!

Maybe you have made a recipe that will inspire the rest of us busy moms in our menu planning ideas to come. Share a link to your post or tell us about your cooking results in the comments below.

Meal Plans For Moms On The Go

Here are a few of my Weekly Menu ideas for the week of January 17-22, 2011 (Check back throughout the week for the recipes.)

Breakfast: (Serve with juice, fruit or yogurt)

Lunch: (all with fresh veggies like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and fruit)


What have you cooked up recently?

Share your link or post  your cooking results in the comments below.

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