Candy Canes!

Candy Canes

Remember growing up reading the Big Golden Books? Here’s a fun little story about a candy that not only lasts long after Christmas but this candyputs a smile on a child’s face. Enjoy!

Candy canes have the nicest way
Of lasting long after Christmas Day.
For, after you’ve eaten two from down low,
And maybe one from up high-
You just can’t manage to eat some more
No matter how hard you try.

But after the Christmas tree is gone,
And the cookies and candy, too-
And it’s January, and dark and gray,
And there’s nothing much to do,
And you wish for something to nibble on
While it sleets and freezes and rains,
Why, up on the shelf in a big glass jar,
There are always some candy canes.

They’re mostly always
broken in bits,
And sticky, and
stuck with pine,
And hard to unstick,
and hard to get out-
But they taste
most specially fine,

All broken the size to fit your mouth,
All syrupy, peppermint sweet,
All Christmasy red and white, and then-
Why there’s nothing so good to eat
As candy canes, with their very nice way
Of lasting long after Christmas Day.

-Kathryn Jackson; from the Big Golden Book The Santa Claus Book, copyright 1952

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