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Yesterday, I was introduced to a new site that has some really good information on how Moms like us can create wonderful healthy meals with organic foods and make the right food choices with our family meals.  Beth Aldrich is a subscriber to my A Busy’s Mom’s Kitchen e-newsletter and introduced herself to me. It is a pleasure to meet Beth and I look forward to viewing more of her website.  

So far, I’ve enjoyed reading some of Beth’s posts and suggestions on healthy foods. Beth is writing a wonderful book with a 21-day healthy eating section due out I believe early next year.  She has asked to feature my Harvest Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup recipe. This is very exciting and truly an honor. I appreciate the wonderful feedback on my site and recipes Beth has given me.  I’ll keep you all posted on the book, it will be one I’ll add to my collection….But in the meantime, visit Beth at Real Moms Love To Eat by clicking the link below:

Real Moms Love To Eat

Check out the recipe for Sexy Raw Lasagna. Think I might make this for dinner soon!

Do you have any neat healthy websites that you visit?

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