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Back To School Tips



 Today, as a family, we will be going out into the crazy world of back to school shoppers for some last minute school finds. For the past month, I have been searching for and buying sale items, clearance items, shopping the thrift stores, even Ebay for Back To School bargains. 
When it comes to the school year, a busy mom needs more organization and planning with not only the kitchen and meal times, but she also needs to prepare for an entire school year. I’ve put together some helpful tips to help busy moms like you  prepare for another great school year.  Rather than put these tips in a e-book digest format, I’ve decided to post them here.
Buying School Supplies

  • Take inventory on what leftover school supplies your kids have from the previous school year prior to shopping.
  • Stock up on paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, glue sticks, ruler, rubber bands, scissors, index cards, etc. (browse through store ads and make a list of what’s on sale.)
  • Most stores set up displaying school supplies a month and a half before school starts. Shop ahead for the best selection.
  • If paper or notepads are on sale, stock up and save the extras for later in the year.
  • Store Named Brands tend to cost less. Cut your cost on school supplies by buying store brand.
  • As with buying groceries, also shop with a list so that you don’t overspend and only buy what is needed.


Cleaning Out The Closets
  •  Children grow throughout the year. Go through their closets and donate clothes or school that no longer fit.

    • Spend at least one day helping your children organize their closets, select where their school clothes will go and separate out the “play” clothes.


    Contact The School Office
    •  For younger children ages Preschool-Kindergarten, find out what immunizations are needed prior to school starting and contact your pediatrician to make the necessary well-child checkups.

      • If your children are attending a new school, find out what registration requirements are needed. Or if they are continuing with the same school, are there any new registration requirements.
      • Most schools will make it a point to have classroom schedules and teachers names up on the gym bulletin board. Make it a point to walk with your children to their classrooms prior to the start of school. This helps the younger children tremendously.
      • Review all school paperwork sent home the first day of school. Contact your designated emergency contact people and make sure numbers haven’t changed.
      • Make sure to go over school policies and procedures with your children.


      Getting Ready Ahead Of Time

      • Plan your week’s menu in advance. Make school lunches the night before.       

      • Help your children lay out their school clothes the night before.       

      • Set up a spot in the kitchen, dining room or entry way for back pack, shoes, jackets or any other items that may need to go with your children to school. This will save you time in the morning and your children won’t be hunting around for missed items.


      Bedtime Rituals

      • Keep to a regular schedule for dinner, homework, bath time and play time. If your schedule was off during the summer, adjust it back to “school time” schedule 3-4 weeks before school starts.       

      • Help children get up in time by getting them to bed on time. Children need at least 8 hours of restful sleep.       


      The Morning Of School

      • Set your alarm clock to ensure everyone is up on time and you have time to get yourself ready. Make sure you are ready before your children are.       

      • Simplify your morning routine. If you have everything organized the night before, your morning should run smoothly.
      • Make your mornings fun by interacting with your children. Ask them what will be going on that day in school. How will they be spending their time after school? One important thing I have learned when getting children ready is the TV is a HUGE distraction. Keep the TV OFF.

      These are just simple tips to help you get started and prepared for the school year. In my next few posts, I’ll share with you breakfast ideas that BOOSTS Energy, so stay tuned…… 

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  1. Great post! As far as Back to School in the kitchen, I also recommend making sure your “lunch supplies” are organized. Make sure you have enough storage containers for left overs, enough plastic bags, some snacks stocked up, have your child's school calander combined with yours. What things will be in your child's lunch? If they have sandwiches everyday, make sure you have a pull-out container in your fridge so it's quick and easy to make sandwiches every day.

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