Healthy Snacks On The Run

This morning I woke up feeling energized and refreshed after a relaxing weekend.  This week, it’s back to the office and kitchen with a busy schedule.

Having that busy schedule, means I need to make sure I keep up my energy eating healthy snacks in between meals.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a healthy snack. Apples, carrots, celery, mangos, blueberries, kiwis and pomegranates are all great. These can also be made into juices or smoothies, of course.

Aside from fresh fruits, I also like to choose organic dried fruits and nuts. These can be purchased individually or in trail mixes. As with other foods, there is a wide variety of quality when it comes to things like dried fruits and trail mixes.  When I do my grocery shopping, I look for dried fruits and nuts that are on sale so I can make my own trail mix.

One traditional snack food I enjoy that is not usually considered healthy is popcorn. Popcorn can always be a good snack food, if it’s popped naturally and is not topped offr with an artificial butter substitute. Start with organic popcorn, pop it either using an air popper or a traditional popper or pan, using a healthy oil such as canola or sunflower. Top moderately with sea salt and, if you need the butter flavor, a small amount of organic butter or, better still, clarified butter.

These are a few healthy snack food ideas that I enjoy, do you have any favorites?

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  3. That fruit salad looks great! One problem I have with chopping fresh fruit for snacks is that it only looks appetizing right after it's chopped. After cut fruit sits for a while, it starts looking weird and seems less appealing to me. I've tried dipping apple slices in orange juice, and they don't brown so easily.

  4. Hi Jessica, Have you ever tried lemon, pineapple or a little bit of orange juice over the fruit? It adds a little bit of extra flavor to the fruit and for me it makes it last a boit longer. They say that you must pop an apple, banana or avocado quickly in boiling water before peeling it. The skin of the banana and avo might turn black, but the fruit will not be affected. After this, the fruit will not turn brown once peeled. I don't know – it sounds too good to be true. I will try it and let you know.

  5. Great post! My favorite website for healthy snack ideas.

  6. Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your blog on healthy snacks. It's great that we can make suggestions to our readers about healthy food choices.

  7. Thanks for sharing your website. I'll have to review it soon. 🙂

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