Healthy Kids, Happy Kids: Experiencing The Kitchen With Your Kids


Healthy Kids, Happy Kids: Experiencing The Kitchen With Your Kids

I’m really happy to see so many people in the kitchen these days. You know why? Because cooking is so much fun, fun, fun and it makes people happy! I feel so relaxed in the kitchen.

When I was a little girl, I remember watching my grandmother in the kitchen. I saw how our family loved to come over for Sunday dinner to eat her food, and I decided that cooking was something I wanted to be able to do too. I watched everything she did, and of course she let me help in the kitchen. Of course little by little as I grew older, I began cooking by myself. I started with simple stuff like French toast, eggs, vegetable soups and stews.

At first, chopping items was difficult until I created an easy technique for myself ; and getting the recipe just right or creating the perfect sauces and broths of course took time. But, I kept on, and the more I did these things, the better I got. When I was a teenager, I got my first job working in a family owned business. They made Croissants and Specialty Coffees. I learned how to make croissants like cinnamon walnut, fruit filled and even ones with meats and cheeses. I also learned how to make the best lattes and cappuccinos, getting the right amount of froth and layering the coffee just right in the lattes. I was making people happy with those!  The more I spent time in the Cafe, the more experience I got. Best of all, I was enjoying myself while doing it.

I really had no idea how many friends I would make just by showing people kitchen friendly cooking-friends like you. I also had no idea at first how many kids wanted to cook for themselves, but I soon found out. So not too long ago, I told myself, why not write a special cookbook for families and children. Getting involved with Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale has give me more inspiration to write a cookbook and support a worthy cause: Ending Childhood Hunger In America. So here I am writing a cookbook .

It has the kind of foods that kids of all ages can make and enjoy eating. Foods that kids can enjoy making with their family and sharing a great family meal together. My Homemade Spaghetti Sauce and Shakin Chicken are some really easy recipes and great for beginners. There will be lots of recipes to choose from. But before you start cooking, do me a favor and remember the following rules of the kitchen:

Ask Permission:

Kids, remember to ask your parents’ permission before you begin to cook. Best of all, why not let them be your helper in the kitchen? Learning together is fun and a great experience, and the best part is: At the end, you will have made a wonderful yummy dish to enjoy together as a family.

Always Be Safe!

Before getting started in the kitchen, always make sure you read about how to be safe in the kitchen. This is really an important step!

Prepare Yourself!

Read through the entire recipe you want to make and look up any words, measurements or techniques you don’t know. Gather together everything you need–both the ingredients and the tools–before you start cooking. It makes cooking much easier and your not searching for items you need.

Be Clean!

Cleaning is a major part in cooking to me. Your food needs to be healthy and safe and, if you clean as you go, when your ready to actually sit down and enjoy what you’ve cooked, you won’t have a bunch of dishes to worry about.

Remember to have FUN!

Most important of all, remember to have FUN and ENJOY your time in the kitchen and learn to do things your way. Experiment and make changes that work for you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with experiencing with a recipe to make it your own. After all, everyone’s taste buds are different.

So come on, let’s go–get yourself in the kitchen and get cooking! Have fun, be careful, experiment, and share your creativeness with your family and friends. And remember, as Emeril says, it’s a “food of love” thing….


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