Great American Bake Sale Nevada County: Help Support NC Bakers

As you all previously read, my team mate mom and I were doing a Great American Bake Sale event on Saturday, April 4, 2009.  I had the location picked out and started notifying everyone. Well last week the City of Grass Valley told me that we would need a Business License to do such an event. I have never heard such a thing. I told the lady in Public Works that we were doing a fundraiser to feed hungry children in our community. I wasn’t sure if this was because we were going to be baking the cookies ourselves with other moms and selling them or because I happen to mention my business on the form. I told the lady that my business was just the background part of the event; meaning I would provide handouts about teaching families how to make affordable meals in their home with budget friendly recipes. (in my business according to Section 6015 of State Board of Equalization, I do not need a business license.)

Needless to say, our event has been postponed. We are looking for a place to do the event. We have contacted a local church, farmer’s market and other facilities with no response yet. Last night we were on our local tv station NCTV. We are hoping to spread the word about this great event and hoping to get others involved. I did some reasearch and we are the only ones in our area of California trying to do this event. Children everywhere need our help. I am hoping to do this event once a month through June or July for my area.

If you would like to help support our team, you can do one of the following:

1. Make a donation at

2. Donate Baked Goods or Come with Baked Goods.

3. Buy the Baked Goods at Our Sale. (Date to Be Announced once location found)

Share Our Strength’s funding makes it possible to feed anywhere from 12 to 40 kids five days a week from early July to late August.

  • $25 could cover the cost of a 4 dish and utensil set to serve children free afterschool meals.
  • $100 could buy a food carry bag to enable organizations to deliver hot and cold meals to children.
  • $500 could cover the cost for an organization to buy a new deli slicer to prepare sandwiches for 150 children.
  • $1000 could help an organization pay for staff person to serve children meals at a meal site in the summer.

It takes one part love, one part family, one part fun and a touch of community to end childhood hunger in America. Your contribution to Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale helps to make sure that no child in America grows up hungry.

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