19th Annual Nevada County Earth Day: Share Nature With Children





As a parent, I feel it’s important for our children to learn how to protect our environment. After all, they are the next generation. One exciting and fun event for the family is the Nevada County’s Earth Day celebration at Lake MacBoyle at upper Loma Rica Ranch. (12190 Loma Rica Drive, Grass Valley 1st left on Loma Rica Drive)

For the first time ever, Nevada County’s Earth Day celebration will be co-produced by four Nevada Union High School seniors as their senior project. Fittingly, this year’s theme celebrates “Sharing Nature with Children.” Keynote speaker will be Joseph Cornell, world renowned author, environmental educator and advocate for bringing children and nature together. This year, Cornell’s landmark 1979 book, “Sharing Nature with Children,” marks its thirty year anniversary with international events. Cornell will share his efforts at our local Earth Day this year with discussion, children’s nature walks, and related activities, free to all.

Established in 1979 by naturalist and author, Joseph Cornell, the Sharing Nature Foundation uses creative nature activities to give people joyful and inspiring experiences of nature.  This is a GREAT event for your entire family.

The FREE celebration includes eco displays, local artisans, non-profit and Earth-friendly business vendors, LOTS of good food and drinks, and kids crafts. Enjoy speakers and live music, all in a beautiful grassy setting, perfect for a picnic!

Vendors and attendees will help celebrate this ZERO WASTE event by bringing your own dishes “ there will be lots of recycling bins, but NO trash cans!

Encourage school,youth groups, art/restoration projects, and local non-profits to get that booth application in right away, or call for details!

Music lineup, speakers and other presentations will be announced soon. For event updates, booth applications, or posters (soon!), Visit Earth Day’ at: www.foothillmedia.org

 To volunteer, or for info, call Beth at 274-0360 or beth@ncws.com

Good Luck Beth on your fantastic event! Thanks for sharing such a Great opportunity for families.


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