Ignite To Achieve Your Goals

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Ignite To Achieve Your Goals

My motivational word for today is “Ignite”. Ignite To Achieve Your Goals.  Being close to my end of the year vacation and health and fitness goal, and working more from home, I don’t want to feel like I’m falling a little behind or getting lost in the day to day happenings  and  not wanting to do as much as I used to.  Right now, there seems to be a lot of distractions here on the farm between the family, work, animals, bright rays of sunshine enticing me to go to the river with the kids and house improvements we are planning to tackle.

Ignite To Achieve Your Goals

My countdown on my phone reads 170 days to go. Am I ready? I don’t really feel like it. I have lots of thing to accomplish off my goal list before the end of the year, so I really need to “Ignite” my fire, my faith, my desire and myself into a more productive me. I’ve been thinking a lot about intentions for the remainder of 2016.


Taking those 5 things into consideration along with my personal training business goals and the fact that [for now] I have a day job. I also have a son going into his second year of high school and a daughter who is going to be in her last year of junior high/elementary school in the all too near fall. They both fall in the priorities category.

Living a  life of  Fitness Health & Happiness

Finding that balance and focus on the combination of those 3 key elements has been a journey to live a life that I already thought was pretty awesome and to make it even better. 

I’m excited and looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring and I’m going to build a community for sharing ideas, loving, supporting, guiding and living a best life TOGETHER.

Ignite To Achieve Your Goals. Are you creating a more productive you to achieve your goals?

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Be the best version of YOU! 

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Noel is a CEO and Mother of 4 who can be found blogging from her home office, who's passionate about family, nutrition, fitness and supporting others reach their health & fitness goals. Noel uses her blog to share about simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, walking, workouts and a little sprinkle of life! She created Noel's Kitchen Tips teaching families how to make budget friendly meal and healthy recipes. She's blessed to have the opportunity to be able to teach busy moms and families how to use food and cooking as a means of bringing family meal times back to the table and stay fit.

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