Put Yourself At The Top Of Your Daily To Do List

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Put Yourself At The Top Of Your Daily To Do List.  This is a very crucial step in radiating your inner and outer beauty, your health and your  happiness. Are you putting yourself at the top of your daily to do list? If not, why not? We spend a lot of time and lives every day trying to accomplish our goals,  because they are important to us; they represent all the things we want to achieve as well as where we see ourselves in the future. It would never occur to us that we are omitting a crucial part of our plans – we are completely neglecting ourselves. 

When you put YOURSELF first – in your weekly meal plan and prep, getting your daily workout in, by taking that 15 to 30 minutes for that personal development to ground yourself and set goals, all the other roles you play in life : being a spouse, parent, employer/employee, friend, etc, benefit immensely because you SHOW UP as your BEST self!

Self Care Is Important

Put Yourself At The Top Of Your Daily To Do List

When it comes to our personal selves we rarely think deliberately about our well-being. It’s the natural being of being a mother. We try to focus on our goals and whether or not we are doing enough to bring them to fulfillment. We try to keep our eyes on what we are trying to succeed in doing. But we don’t think about what we may personally need. What it comes down to is this: We can work night and day to meet our goals.  We can spend hours on the computer, days strategizing the next opportunity; and if we work hard enough we will undoubtedly succeed.

Put Yourself At The Top Of Your To Do List

What happens though when we finally meet those goals and we are not able to enjoy them?  There are so many scenarios of finally accomplishing those goals, yet the victory is not as sweet as we initially thought.  We have to ask ourselves why not? 

If we are honest with ourselves we would ask and answer the right questions.  One of those questions is this: which part of our lives have we neglected to reach our goals? Our physical health? Our mental health? Our relationships? All our effort will be in vain if we are not in the right state of mind mentally, physically or both, to truly acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments.

Sel Care

In order to truly appreciate how far we’ve come, we need to put ourselves first; we need to put ourselves at the top of our daily to do list. We all know that it’s easier said than done, not to mention how to begin.  You can start right here and now with the suggestions below. Before we begin to attain the success we work hard to achieve, we should make sure to put ourselves first.

Acknowledge, accept and love yourself

Self care is an act of self love. There is simply no other way to start.  In order to put ourselves on our daily to do list, it starts with self-love.  To love ourselves means not ignoring ourselves, accepting every inch of who we are, embracing the qualities that make each of us unique to ourselves and to others. After all, happiness is an inside job.

How do you start  Take a look in the mirror. What do you see?

Create those daily rituals

Daily rituals develop habits that can help us to reach our goals each and every day.  They don’t have to be big goals and you don’t have to complete them all at once. Try one goal a week or two.  We apply this concept to other areas of our lives, why not apply them to our personal goals. By doing morning and evening rituals that enhance our daily life helps to keep us in tune with ourselves.  These rituals also create balance in our lives, something we must develop to take care of ourselves. When all’s said and done, we keep ourselves on the forefront of our mind when we find a way to maintain that balance.

How to start: Examine your life and determine what need to change.

Slow it down

As moms, we all know how to move through life full steam ahead. Once we get going, there’s no stopping us.  We get up in the morning and it’s non-stop GO GO GO until it’s time to go to bed.  It’s Monday and the next thing you know it’s Sunday. It’s January and the next thing you know it’s Spring (depending on where you live) Slow it down! Take the time to refocus, to reflect, to acknowledge your accomplishments, and to make note of the changes you need to make to put yourself first. YOu MUST take care of yourself!

How to start – Invest in yourself with a walk outside, a weekend hike, or even an hour reading a book.

 Let go

We do our best everyday to do everything!  Here is a reality check! We don’t have to. It’s OK if we don’t know how to do everything, it’s OK to pass the tasks to someone else or prioritize them better to give yourself 15 to 30 minutes of peace. This time we save can be our “Me” time. Let go of anything that create stress, that requires more of our time than we are willing to give. If you think you need permission you have it. But know that you don’t need permission to take care of yourself first.

How to start – Evaluate your daily tasks – which ones take a lot of your time? Which ones can be delegated to  someone else?

Make selective decisions

Whether we realize it or not, the decisions we make everyday impact our lives. We should  evaluate every decision we make because of their potential implications.

When we say yes, when we say no, when we commit to other factors outside of ourselves, we are affecting our lives. It’s OK to sometimes be selfish with our time and to put our needs first.

I absolutely love this quote by Lucille Ball when she said “Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

 How to start: Give yourself permission to be selfish

Are you at the top of your daily to do list?

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