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HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE! The Best Resolution is YOU!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! From my family to yours, sending you warm wishes for a very bright and happy New Year ahead! I hope 2016 brings you great joy and lots of love and laughs! And here’s to keeping our health and fitness goals on track! Who’s with me?

For next year, consider being resolute about your health and well-being. The best resolution you can make for the new year is you. Consider being selfish and doing something that is important to you – getting healthy. We all have the same 24 hours in a day so if you have put it off for too long, now is the time to start. It’s never too late to start.

Here’s a couple of simple tips to help you get started:

  1. Start small – take baby steps and make small incremental adjustments to your meals and introduce exercise. Reduce approximately 100 calories each week out of your diet for 4 weeks straight. Perform some type of physical exercise activity 3-4 times per week. Even a quick walk around the block or to the park will get your body moving.
  2. Keep track – start tracking what you eat using a journal or a smart phone app. Write down your workouts in advance and stick to what is written down. Evernote is a good note keeper or I like to use S Health (android app). What’s the best iphone app out there? Comment below. 
  3. Consider a home based workout – worried about time, then cut the commute time and the machine wait time out of the equation. I have been working out at home for 2+ years and don’t ever have to waste time or money going to a gym.  Send me a message if you’d like some ideas.
  4. Invite a friend or your kids – get an accountability partner.  Do this with a friend and challenge each other. Don’t let each other down. Get the kids involved, they will love it, encourage you and be super proud of you. You are their best role model.
  5. Experiment with new foods – get plugged into your local farmers markets, health food stores or your local grocers health food section and try new foods.  Experiment with a new recipe at least once a week that uses these ingredients.  Check out my recipes or refer back to my blog every Friday for new ones. (Yes, one of my New Year’s To-Do’s is to share a healthy family recipe with you every Friday, so stay tuned.)

Thank you for all your support this past year and I’m looking forward to what’s next!

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Noel is a CEO and Mother of 4 who can be found blogging from her home office, who's passionate about family, nutrition, fitness and supporting others reach their health & fitness goals. Noel uses her blog to share about simple, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, walking, workouts and a little sprinkle of life! She created Noel's Kitchen Tips teaching families how to make budget friendly meal and healthy recipes. She's blessed to have the opportunity to be able to teach busy moms and families how to use food and cooking as a means of bringing family meal times back to the table and stay fit.

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