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Clean Eating Grocery List For Living Healthy

Hello Everyone!!! I thought I would share a post with you on some of my family’s FAVORITE options for healthy carbs and lean proteins as you make your journey to good health. The very first thing I tell people who are looking for options to make their meals healthier is to start looking at the ingredients in your food. I’ve learned over the past few months, it’s best to grocery shop alone, because you will need to take a little bit of time reading the labels until you get familiar with picking out the right clean eating foods.  We stick with as much food as possible that comes strait from the ground, aka organic and NO processed ingredients. We  pretty much now shop and stick to the produce section, meat department and health food section.  When looking for other quicker options, go for things that have ingredients that you recognize (I’ll pass on those chemicals, please!) and the less ingredients the better. If you can’t read and pronounce them – DON’T BUY THEM! First things first: Get RID of  the white processed carbs/starches and refined sugars. Now, Grab a pen and paper and start writing your grocery lists!

Noel's Clean Eating Grocery Guide

Carbs for earlier in the day:

Fruits and Berries of all sorts
Old-Fashioned Oats or Steel Cut Oats
Sweet Potato, Red Potato, Purple Potato (Russet potatoes are not as nutritionally dense)
Beans of any variety- pinto, black and garbanzo (chickpeas) are great!
Whole Wheat pasta (I’m working on a super easy homemade recipe for this so stay tuned)
Canned Pumpkin – Easy and you can mix it into so many things
Brown Rice Wraps/Bread
Ezekiel bread (found in frozen section of health food dept)
Whole Grain Bread (1-2 pieces depending on the bread)
Whole Grain Wraps (1 wrap)
Dried Fruit (1/3 to 1/2 cup is a serving) Apricots, Craisins or Raisins are my favorite

Carbs for anytime:

Berries are SO good for you. As much as you all know I love Raley’s produce department,  I did my last grocery shopping trip at Walmart. They have a pretty good selection of berries that you can stock up on for about $10 and they will last you a month if you put in the freezer.
You could also buy frozen fruit, just be sure to check the ingredients. Remember No Syrup and No sugar!
Bright, Vibrant, Beautiful Veggies! – There are TONS of veggies to choose from. Forget what you think you like and don’t like. As you start to remove the sugars from your body, you will learn to taste things again! 
Raw, Salted or Unsalted Nuts (once a day/about 10 in a serving)

Protein: During the summer months, I shop at local farmers markets or at Denio’s Flea Market in Roseville. Great selection of veggies and fruits from the farmer’s at great prices. And as much as possible for free range, well treated, grass fed (beef)/grain fed (chicken)

Shakeology (my favorite Chocolate Vegan)
Lean cuts of Turkey
Lean cuts of Chicken
Ground Turkey or Chicken
Even Turkey or Chicken from the deli is an option if you need a sandwich I try to get the most natural options without all the nitrates
Egg whites (if from store), whole egg if from local farm/free range
2% Plain Greek Yogurt, I love the FAGE  brand and mix my own fruit in it with a little drizzle of agave
Mozzerella Cheese Sticks
Lean cuts of steak

With the 21 Day Fix, these are Healthy Fats that you can use as a carb once a day/add to a meal if you needed:

Raw Nuts
Nut Butters (Not Peanut Butter Spreads!) – See my Homemade Almond Butter Video Tutorial!
Homemade Nut Butter
Olive Oil/Coconut Oil/Avocado Oil (1 Tbs)

Good dressing options:

Red Wine Vinegar
Malt Vinegar
Oil and Vinegar (1 Tbs Oil)
Creamy Garlic Dressing

Make your own dressings with oil and vinegars and lemon, stevia, honey, lime, there are so many possibilities!


Water/ add lemon or lime
Any kind of Tea, raid the tea isles for mega flavorful tea – Peppermint, Blueberry and Chamomile Tea are my very favorites!
Coffee – I drink it black, but will sometimes add a splash of almond milk or rice milk


Stevia is a good natural sweetener, but for my own personal preference, I like light agave syrup when I to have something sweetened
Local Raw Honey 
Pure Maple Syrup 


Hope this list gives you some great ideas, fills your shopping lists and gets you eatin’ for your good health! We feel much better about our food choices, and I personally think my body does too! If you would like to learn how to make some great clean eating meals using these foods, please feel free to join my next Free 5-Day Clean Eating and Nutrition Support Group


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