CIZE! – New Dance Workout With Shaun T

Are you ready to shake it off? 

If you love to dance then this workout is for you!  Shaun T, the creator of popular workout programs like T25 and Insanity, just announced his latest workout program– CIZE!

If you love to dance like I do or just need a break from the traditional workout program – this 4 week dance workout is PERFECT!! You will be sweating and pushing yourself and get amazing results and yes….you can still modify and build up. You can start anywhere as long as you KEEP MOVING is my philosophy. I’m really excited about this program. Our soon to be 12 year old daughter is excited too. She loves to move and dance like her momma. :)

What is Cize?

CIZE is a 4 week dance-based exercise program created as a fun alternate to traditional exercize.  CIZE has been coined “the end of exercize”.  Why? Because sometimes you just need top break it up. 

  • BLAST calories, sweat and tone up
  • If you LOVE dance, like Zumba, or previous ShaunT dance programs, you have got to try this workout!

Some similar moves and sequencing to the Rockin Body and Hip Hop Abs, but with a MASSIVE MAKE-OVER  in music, look, sound, cuing from Shaun T since he now has more experience gained from the mass amounts of fitness programs he has put out since; T25, Insanity, and Insanity Max30. Plus like I said,  he has new moves and MUSIC… 

Can anyone do it?  What if I can’t dance?

The program was created for ALL fitness levels.  Shaun T teaches you every move step by step and makes it easy to scale up or down each move to your desired intensity.

And…you only learn by DOING. :)  The more you do it, the more coordinated you will get. Shaun T puts them together to “CIZE it up” and gets you blasting calories in no time!  Check out the video above at the top of this post. You can expect pop music, upbeat dance music, etc.

How long are the workouts?

The program last 4 weeks and the workouts range from 35-40 minutes.

 Do I need equipment?

No!  There is no equipment needed for this program!  How cool is that?




When does CIZE come out?

CIZE will be released July 20th, 2015. Get notified by email. 

Have a question?  Leave it in the comments below!

Get Movin’ Shakin’ and SWEATING with Cize – New Beachbody Workout by ShaunT

See you in my next fitness group and we will ROCK OUT CIZE together! Excited….I AM! :)

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