After my Sunday Morning Reflections, the rest of the day seemed to follow suit. It’s as if the day whizzed by me, yet not much seemed to get accomplished as I had wanted. Oh well, those days can happen…

And a hunting we will go….We spent the late morning driving and walking around a gated community hunting for treasures and looking for the best deals we could find. Unfortunately, I only came out with 3 music CD’s to add to my workout list. I also came across some old silver cream and tea pitchers and a water can to add to my collection. As well as another chicken for my windowsill in the kitchen. This ones Fenton.  The lighting is not the best in our kitchen. We had those energy efficient lights put in and I our house always seems so dark in the early morning but here are my finds.


Walk it off….If the houses were on the same street, I’d walk the street instead of the stop and go with the car. Makes much more sense than getting in and out of the car. Plus it allowed me to enjoy the sunshine while burning some calories. Our daughter Sierra joined in the fun. 

Sierra and I

Since I don’t have much other than that to report on, I’ll leave you with a reminder to check on last night’s recipe post. We whipped up a quick and delicious Classic Tomato Soup made from the simplest ingredients: tomatoes, onion, garlic, celery leaves, chicken stock and cashew milk! No extra additives other than some Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper. Whalah! That’s it!


Doesn’t this look absolutely delicious?  It is!  And it’s a very comforting soup!

I promised this update would be quick!  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family and are looking forward to an exciting week!  I have LOTS of dinners “out” this week so get excited for some breakfast/lunch recipes as well as tips & tricks on how to eat out without ruining your meal plan!  Can’t wait!



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