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Share your goals and Share your dreams

 Goal Setting

A Dream Becomes A Goal When Action Is Taken Toward Achieving It… Share your goals and Share your dreams. If you say something out loud that you want it becomes less abstract. Its not just a thought sitting around in your mind. It becomes real. Accountability time. I want to share with you my goals. Here is what I want out of my business.

1. Give my children all of the things that I never had.

2. Purchase a large piece of land and build our dream home

3. Work more comfortably from home doing something I love

4. Purchase a new family car

5. Pay off debt

6. Travel with the family around the world and go on family vacations without the worry that we don’t have the money


8. And the most important dream… Change other peoples lives for the better.

So that is why I am here. That is why I am working my business. I have one life to live and I intend on making it the best it can be, and leaving a legacy behind. You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. I want to make my children proud of me.

Your dreams have value; keep moving toward them, even if you face setbacks and challenges. Moving forward with your dreams means starting with the first step. So here is to dreaming, and making your dreams a reality.

What is your dream?

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