This past week for three whole days, I embarked on my first CLEANSE! Yes, cleanse! I can honestly tell you that I have never tried a cleanse before and I was a bit nervous on how my body would feel.

I did the 3 DAY REFRESH cleanse for several reasons:

1. My weight had plateaued after losing the first 15 pounds and I needed something to get me back in check! Yes, I also changed up my workout routine.

2. I have heard and read some amazing things about this cleanse from my fellow Team Beachbody coaches! Coaches are losing between 6-10 lbs in 3 DAYS! And in a HEALTHY way!

3. This is not some crazy cleanse or scam where all you eat/drink is raw juice and you need to take a handful of pills or supplements..I was eating REAL FOOD, drinking lots of water and was able to get back to having my beloved Shakeology every morning (so my routine breakfast wouldn’t even change!!)

4. I want to prove to myself that I can do this! I like to try every product that I recommend to others, so that means this product too!

I started the 3 Day Refresh on a Tuesday and ended on a Thursday* and posted each day on my Facebook page and on Instagram about how I feeling/my meal prep/and changes I saw throughout the 3 days, so feel free to check out my 3 day journey!


I already had all the ingredients I needed for the 3 days in my fridge and pantry. The complete 3 day Refresh Kit comes with all of the shakes and the fiber sweep drink-Posted below was my menu and workout routine for the week!

My 3 Day Refresh Results

I have to first admit, I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to seeing my own results. I lost 4 pounds on the 3 Day refresh!! Not sure how many inches though but I don’t feel bloated, my clothes fit me looser and I feel great. The 4 pounds were probably all water weight and bloat weight, but hey, 4 pounds of water weight is still 4 pounds of uncomfortable feelings flushed down the drain, right?! And who can complain about inches dropping off of their waist in only 3 days?!

I still feel I have a lot of toning up to do so I’m really excited and can’t wait to start the 21 day Fix Extreme this next week when it arrives.

Honestly, my eating schedule was off a little before I began the 3 Day Refresh –. I was still trying to eat clean (with a slip here and there), and workout, but I wasn’t drinking my Shakeology everyday and I was really starting to feel the difference in my energy level and how my body was feeling not having that one shake everyday. That may sound crazy to some but it’s true. I couldn’t honestly afford it and money had to go to other things. But after noticing the difference in how my body felt not having that shake everyday, I started to re-evaluate things.  If I could spend the money on a coffee from Starbucks or go out and buy myself a purse or a new cookbook, or whatever special item I wanted, than I could afford my Shakeology. No excuses. I could sacrifice those extra perks each month for an even better perk…my health. So I ordered more and have it shipped on home direct each month so I don’t have to worry about ordering or running out.

I plan on doing the 3 Day Refresh once a month, *this time on a weekend (Friday to Sunday) along with my daily Shakeology, working out and eating clean to keep me in check because I still have 20 more pounds to lose to reach my goal. And because living this healthy lifestyle makes me feel good. :)

So stay tuned and message me if you are interested in taking on this challenge with me to kick start great habits or lose a few pounds and feel great ASAP!

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