All in a matter of a couple days I’m faced with  new countdowns. I had only one for awhile. One that I was working towards; and one goal I am still determined to meet. And then all of a sudden, it’s November 1st and it’s the start of a new month with an upcoming new 6-week workout/nutrition plan and challenge group, planning for the upcoming holidays and all that while working the store and now planning for a move to a bigger location by December 1st (yay!) is keeping me very busy.

With that being said, I need to make my daily workouts as efficient and meaningful as possible. No more procrastinating workout sessions because I stayed up late the night before and overslept, no more sleeping in period. There’s simply too much to get done! Because if you think about it I have:

15 days until my birthday and I still have pounds to shed in order to reach my goal (I almost thought I hit a plateau. More on that further down.)

29 days to pack up and clear out a 900+ sq ft store, along with storage upstairs and then put together a new store

25 days until my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving) is here.

52 days until Christmas (my Christmas shopping is NOT done!)

1 day until our 6-week holiday workout/nutrition plan begins (I have to make every single day count)

We’re eating clean and working out for 21 days before Thanksgiving, taking the week of Thanksgiving off and back on for 21 days before the Christmas holiday. Now we can enjoy Christmas fit and trim!!! How does that sound? Most likely we will lose up to 15+ pounds and feel GREAT!!

You’re probably sitting there like, “Hello, that’s a lot of time. Why are you thinking that far ahead?” Because in reality, it isn’t a whole lot of time. Yes, I’m obviously taking it one day at a time. But how many days do you find yourself sitting there thinking about how it’s already the end of the month? How did this entire month go by so quickly? That happens to me all the time. So if I allowed myself to think that I have all the time in the world, I’d quickly run out of time and risk not meeting all my goals. Not about to let that happen.

Motivation to Change

That got me thinking about my time management and my motivation. I know for a lot of people it’s hard to fit in a workout while working, managing a family and raising kids, traveling, going to school, etc. There’s truly really no way around it- For a while there, I hadn’t lost anymore weight. I hit a plateau. I thought my body was getting too used to the workouts every morning. I knew I wasn’t over eating, I’m portioning out and balancing out my meals every single day. 

So then I started thinking about a conversation my friend Stacy and I had a few weeks back.  She suggested I add in 4-minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts and why they’re so good for you. (Remember,  I still have a weight loss goals ahead of me.) So rather than give up, I gave it a try, weighed myself again, adjusted my calorie intake and after a week when I finally stepped on the scale yesterday, I had dropped another 2 pounds. You see, it’s all about making the time and having the motivation to want to change and not making the excuses that I can’t or I won’t because what I’m doing isn’t working or I can’t afford it, it costs too much money. It takes patience and persistence and not giving up on myself, my dreams and my goals.  I invested in myself and I’m investing in myself because I’m worth it. Why wouldn’t I want to take care of the body God gave me so that I can keep up with my kids for another 50 years? I decided in the beginning to take all the negative thoughts and turn them into my motivation! I wrote all the things that I was thinking down on a piece of paper and I put it on the wall in front of the TV where I worked out. Everyday, I am looking at those words and pushing myself harder! 

Sure, I could go in search for freebies online, there are plenty of clean eating recipes, and workouts online, but then who is seriously going to support me? Who is going to hold me accountable? Who is going to push me when I don’t feel like doing it? The computer sure isn’t. It’s not going to talk back to me, support me and encourage me. But I can tell you a free coach is. My friend and team mate Stacy is also my coach. She keeps me in check and encourages me daily. She is there for me every single day. Even gives me ideas when I feel like I don’t have any and I want to throw up my hands.  I’m truly not alone in this. I know MY TEAM is there for me. Coaching, for me, was just a perfect fit.  I’ve always had a passion and love being able to encourage, motivate, support and help others SUCCEED in their own health and fitness goals.  A FREE ACCOUNTABILITY group is. Not to mention the CHALLENGERS motivate ME!!  It is SO exciting to see others succeed in their weight loss goals and gain confidence in themselves that they have never had!  I love it!  The computer doesn’t do this. I have been introduced to the most incredible group of people through coaching.  We work together to support each other.  We are able to provide support, motivation and encouragement to people everyday to help them reach their health and fitness goals and together we are the Unite 2 Ignite Team!

Time Management 

Anyway, back to time saving. Being on the go constantly for some people could be their excuse to wreck their eating right and weight loss plans. I’m not about to let this happen when I’ve finally decided to go after my dream of  shedding those pounds and looking and feeling great! I have a family photo planned next month. I’ve been wanting a new one for years.  So therefore that means I frequently meal plan, meal prep, pack my foods if I’m on the go and maybe even eat cold meals because I might not have the time to sit down and eat a hot one!

WTF?! Cold meals?! Yeah. Cold. Cold chicken, cold turkey burgers, cold sweet potatoes, cold turkey breast, cold quinoa, cold asparagus, cold broccoli or cauliflower. You name it and I’ve probably eaten it cold. That’s because I’m not short cutting myself and taking the easy way out by resorting to fast food and because I eat so frequently. I’m such a freak about eating on time that I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and I’ll just start eating.  I’ll do it at work in the store, in the car, running errands, even waiting at a doctors appointment. I don’t usually go more than 2 1/2 to 3 hours without eating. Eating balanced portions of good clean foods and my shakeology, keep my body in check and keep me on the path to reaching my goals.

My point is, I don’t use the lack of convenience or time as an excuse to eat poorly. I use thought out meal plans and prep my foods instead. In another post, I’ll share how to become a better planner, and you’ll to see how I plan for my meals! And I also don’t use my busy schedule as an excuse to not take care of myself and do some form of physical activity! With that being said, you can either join the bandwagon and be one of those people that makes things happen despite a busy schedule, or someone that makes excuses. So, which will it be?!






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