Quote For The Day: There is only one way to succeed at anything, and that is to give it everything.

My DAY 20 WORKOUT: Cardio Fix

Three weeks ago when I did this workout for the first time, I couldn’t  jump down and then up to do a burpee to save my life. Today, I not only jumped down, back and up but was able to complete the full set. This whole process over the past 20 days has been about progress for me. The weight loss is a bonus. I’ve lost 10 pounds since I began my health and fitness journey almost a month a go. Each and every day since I began my health and fitness journey,  I can recognize something in me that encourages me to see how far I’ve come in such little time! I’m not partial to posting “sweaty selfies” but I’m getting use to it. :)


Usual breakfast again: Shakeology, this time I had the Strawberry Shakeology flavor with unsweetened almond milk, blueberries, a little natural peanut butter and ice … I just love having my Shakeology for breakfast! After my morning workout, it’s a great energy booster for me to start my day- it’s a winner for sure!

My regular 30-day supply of my second bag Vanilla Shakeology should be shipped at the beginning of next week. I’ve only tried the Vanilla and Strawberry and I’m still partial to liking the Vanilla. When I had originally ordered my Shakeology and became a Beachbody Coach, we got a 30-day supply with the 21 Day Fix program, and Illya and I were able to share that for just about 20 days (so we got 40 servings out of a 30 serving bag). Beachbody enrolls you in monthly auto-ship for Shakeology when you buy a program, which I love, because I know exactly when it’s coming and I don’t have to worry about ordering it and running out. That would be a bad thing for me. 

Shakeology is my daily dose of dense nutrition (doesn’t that sound good?) and I LOVE IT because it gives me incredible energy. I’m a busy mom and it gives me an incredible energy to get through my day. But it’s also helping me lose weight. And at times helps me curve those salty junk food cravings. Those are one of my downfalls.  It’s actually the best way to go too because you cut your shipping costs from $14 to $2) Our shipments come from Reno, Nevada so we don’t have to wait too long for the shipment to arrive.

For lunch, I’ll have a lean turkey burger with a side of brown rice, mixed greens and veggies. I’m still loving that Creamy Garlic Dressing, so I’ll have a teaspoon or two of that drizzled on my salad.

For my morning snacks a serving of plain Greek Yogurt and fruit and an apple for snack with a teaspoon of natural peanut butter.

For dinner, we’ll have some grilled chicken and veggies with leftover brown rice from lunch. I always make enough rice to have leftovers. 

Personal Thoughts

You could say that I after just one day shy of completely my 21-Day Fix, I now see the world through color-coded containers. I really haven’t had to use my awesome chart I made in week 1 at all this week because its just become second nature to me  I am conscious of my portions and what I’m putting into my body.  I’m not skipping breakfast or any meals for that matter. I read ingredient labels at the grocery store like its my job, and have to admit that I have become one of those #cleaneating people lol. :)

When I originally purchased the 21-Day Fix Challenge Pack, it wasn’t on sale like it is this month. However, I feel that it’s the best investment I’ve made in a long time for myself and my family. Our team has an upcoming  Fall Into Fitness Challenge starting in October. Whether you’d like to continue on your clean eating journey or begin one and add a workout, you may want to consider the 21 Day Fix! It consists of a 30-minute workouts each day, clean eating and portion control. We have had a lot of challengers getting results, myself included. If you’re interested in jumping in, send me a message to noelskitchengmail.com or comment below. You’re able to choose any workout challenge pack for the challenge.

One more day people! Look for both a Week 3 Review and a Results posting soon!!!

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