Eating Healthy

Are you imagining how hard it would be to eat perfectly every day, with no changes? Would it be unmaintainable?


Our family started eating clean just a little over 3 weeks ago and I along with it started back up on my morning workouts at home and walks every other day. I began to focus our meals on quality fresh foods instead of making a huge meal at dinner that was high in carbs or fats. I started portioning each meal and the snacks in between. I was shocked how easily I transitioned from my morning half pot of coffee with soy creamer and no breakfast to waking up, drinking a glass of warm lemon water, one cup of black coffee and a small bowl of steel cut oats with fresh berries . Lunchtime sandwiches went to garden fresh salads with homemade dressing and grilled chicken. Dinner would no longer include greasy hamburgers or taco meat but fresh fish or grilled chicken with fresh veggies. White Rice in our meals, to brown rice with fresh broccoli.

I decided to not purchase a food scale because I’m waiting for my 21-day fix challenge pack to arrive which includes different colored containers to allow me to accurately portion out everything. I normally eyeball everything to see what 4 oz. of chicken looks like. What does a cup of broccoli look like? How much is a teaspoon of olive oil? 

I’ve continued to drink almond milk, which will be a great addition to the Shakeology which will be included in both my hubby’s daily meals and mine. I also have stayed with plain Greek yogurt with a half teaspoon agave a few times a week too. We’re feeling so full and satisfied by the meals we’re eating, we never really feel the urge to eat a luxurious cheat meal. 

Is it worth it? I believe so. In this recent nutrition challenge, I’ve gone strict clean eating with no cheats.  Already I’ve been thrilled with the results so far and actually see how easy it has been to cut that heavy or processed food out for long term. 

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