Today, is one of those days I always knew would come but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wish I could turn back time. And it it doesn’t mean I’d be prepared for it. My oldest son, Alexander (Alex) turns 20. Even as I write those words, it’s extremely difficult to believe. 20 years?!? wow…how time flies.

And at the age of 20 just a few months shy of 21, little did I know but the biggest lessons of my life were growing right inside of me!

Alexander is incredible in so many ways.  I felt the urge to share.  Even at 6 am on his birthday while I’m sure he is sound asleep in his room.

He is the best kind of a friend to his closet friends…

He’s a  very talented young musician….

Who will be leaving us for L.A. as he begins his new life journey away from us at the music institute….I write that one so hesitantly…LOL

 He’s full of life and is such a character :)…

So many days with him have been so filled with pride…..

But, the bottom line is…I love him with all of my heart. He is sturdy and courageous and crazy and driven and emotional and daring and 20! And, he makes me crazy and proud and strong and…..a bit sad. He IS 20. No longer my baby but always my little boy. Happy Birthday to one of the ultimate best kids in the world!

So, my dear sweet boy, may your life always be filled with happiness, joy, creativity, challenges, love, contentment, joy, goals to achieve and mountains to climb and ….your family! We love you and miss you and hope today is completely wonderful!

Your Mom

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