The other day I noticed the leaves were already starting to fall off the tree in our backyard. At 6 a.m. the sun hasn’t decided to pop out and say “Good Morning!” like it has all summer long. As I look at our family calendar, it pops up September 1st and I realize we only have a few short days left before our summer is gone. You can feel the cool air and it even smells different from just a couple of weeks ago .  September has arrived and with it, hints of fall, ripening apples, and kids everywhere going back to school. I say Bring it on!

Fall happens to be one of my favorite seasons. The smell of fresh baked apple or pumpkin pie, homemade soups and stews, fresh homemade bread right out of the oven, the feel of those cool brisk mornings when you first get up and the beautiful visual outside for those nice fall crisp air nights making way for the beautiful array of stars in the night sky.

Fall Season Brings New Recipes,Theme To Our House

I have new family recipes and a new theme coming soon, just in time to inspire you for the Fall season and the “official” lauch of Noel’s Family Meals membership.

Here’s some of my delicious Fall Soups that I’ll be sharing again this year .

Sitting on my front porch and looking out at the beautiful colored landscapes as all the leafs on the maple tree and surrounding trees turn colors. I absolutely just love it! :) You?


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