Tuesday’s Kitchen is about sharing tips with you that are frugal, easy, and homemade from the kitchen.

Last Minute Homemade Holiday Gifts

 If you have a rather large gift list and your on a budget, homemade gifts that are made from the heart are always special. Ciders, Jams, Cookies, Fudge, or Cocoa Mixes are inexpensive and if you visit your local thrift store or dollar store, you can always find jars, festive boxes, and ribbons to wrap them in.

How about using that old mayonnaise jar? Glue 3 buttons on one side, add a piece of holiday fabric around the top, top with a foam ball from your local fabric store with a cute little hat and you have yourself a snowman jar.

Create wonderful muffin mixes and place in a small basket with a couple of jars of homemade jam, and tea bags. Maybe even add a book. We all have those moments where we enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or tea while reading a good book.

There are so many creative homemade gifts you can make for those on your gift list that are frugal, and sugar easy.

And I’d love to hear your homemade holiday ideas too. Write in the comment section and tell me about it! (And have a fantastic holiday season with your family!)

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